Where The Boys Aren’t 12

Where The Boys Aren't 12

Where The Boys Aren’t 12. The box for this movie states that “Where The Boys Aren’t” is the most popular all-girl series in adult film. Judging by this scorching installment, the title is well deserved. Episode #12 has a truly all star cast made up of sexy veterans, such as Janine, Jenteal & Raylene, and some of the cutest new porn pussy to come down the pike, like Devon, Sky and Kobe Tai.

alex taylor sky lopez devon raylene

No fooling around as this movie begins with the lovely Sky servicing the even lovelier Devon outside on a blanket. This reviewer had wood even before the starring credits rolled when the eager Sky maneuvered the willing Devon into numerous positions as she inserted fingers and tongue into her pink snapper. However, before Devon can return the favor, Jenteal andRaylene call her away to begin the trek to the mountains

taylor hayes julia ann jenteal kobe tai

Upon arrival in the mountains, Jenteal and Raylene proceed with the initiation of Devon into the sorority. The initiation, of course, involves a three way group grope with pussies and assholes probed with dildos, tongues, and fingers. Particularly hot are Jenteal’s licking of Raylene’s dark browneye, and Raylene’s returning the favor on Jenteal’s somewhat lighter colored shit circle. The initiation and scene concludes with Raylene demanding that Devon beg for and receive hard fucking from her large strap on dildo.

Unfortunately for our sexy sorority sisters, while they were enjoying themselves, one of the escapees steals their car and all of their belongings. The Asian sexpot Kobe Tai returns to the cons hideout to show off her loot and is rewarded by leader Janine and big breasted Alex Taylor. This reward consists mostly of Janine cramming one of the stolen dildos up Kobe’s tight slit while she mounts a pool table doggy style. This affords us some great views of Kobe’s beautiful deep cherry pussy and tiny asshole, which is soon filled by Janine’s tongue in yet some more delicious analingus. Janine proceeds to flip Kobe up on her shoulders so she can spit all over screaming Kobe’s cunt. This sight is too much for Alex to take so she grabs a couple of dildos of her own, and we soon have a pool table trio of twat! Janine then takes a purple dildo up the snatch from Kobe as Alex lubricates her clean enough to eat off of poop chute with some spit and some tongue lashes before completing the double penetration with a matching purple french tickler. The scene is interrupted as the owner of the hideout cabin, Taylor Hayes, appears holding a shotgun.

Janine soon regains control by taking the shotgun from Taylor and holding her hostage. Coincidentally, the three sorority sisters stop at the cottage while walking back to civilization and are soon tied up next to Taylor. Alex takes advantage of the hostage situation by eating and digitally probing Raylene’s meaty pussy until her prison girlfriend Julia Ann returns with Taylor in tow. She puts a stop to the shenanigans and begins eating Alex’s pie until she realizes three is more fun and invites Raylene to rejoin the party. They soon realize Taylor has been left out, thus prompting Julia Ann to remedy that situation by untying her, stripping her naked, and sticking a tongue up her slit as well as a finger up her butt.

As the foursome play on a cot in the cabin, there is a great close up of Taylor first dripping a long line of saliva into Raylene’s asshole then smearing it all around with her tongue. The fun ends when Kobe and Janine capture Jenteal attempting to escape and round up everyone in the pool room. Janine’s answer to the insubordination is to “fuck them all” as she pumps her enormous pink strap on with her hand. The resulting eight-some – yeah, that’s correct “eight-some” – is beyond belief. They pig-pile (emphasis on the word “pig”) on the pool table and assault each other with strap ons, fingers and, of course, tongues.

Janine works the strap on like she was born with it as she fucks Raylene then pulls out and makes her clean it in her mouth. Devon and Raylene cunt wrestling over a double dildo, and Jenteal being doubly impaled up the pussy and ass with pointy vibrators are only some of the highlights of this long scene as the screen soon fades to black.

To wrap up, this reviewer is not normally a huge fan of lesbian themed videos. However, “Where The Boys Aren’t 12” is no normal lesbian tape. It is a must for the girl-on-girl collector and a fine addition to any video library as all nine stars are hot, hot, hot!

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Where The Boys Aren't 12

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  • Scene 1. Devon and Sky Lopez
  • Scene 2. Devon, Jenteal and Raylene
  • Scene 3. Alex Taylor, Janine and Kobe Tai
  • Scene 4. Alex Taylor and Raylene
  • Scene 5. Alex Taylor, Julia Ann, Raylene and Taylor Hayes
  • Scene 6. Alex Taylor, Devon, Janine, Jenteal, Julia Ann, Kobe Tai, Raylene and Taylor Hayes