Virtual Sex With Devon

Virtual Sex with Devon

Virtual Sex with Devon.  You’ve watched Devon get fucked by other guys enough, now here’s your chance to get as close as possible to fucking her without actually doing it. Next to actually getting her realistic pussy and ass toy, this video does a great job showing Devon however you’d like her to be!

One thing I really enjoyed about this is that you can have Devon talk to you in 2 different ways. The first is more sensual, sweet and innocent chatter, and the other is the raunchy hardcore dirty talk. I was surprised at how well Devon did the latter, as she did a great job with the first with her cute voice, but the dirty talk was really impressive. Hearing her say “I want my face fucked” as you get a virtual blowjob will make you want to cum right there!

In the beginning, she strips and tells you sex stories. This is a great option to get you in the mood as you watch her shed her clothes and get naked for you. Soon though you move onto the foreplay. Here you get to finger her or use toys on her pussy and watch her juices drip out. The multi-angles work great here, you can zoom in real close to watch her get wet from being fingered, or zoom out and watch her whole body writh as she gets played with.

Then we move onto the blowjobs. Stick to the POV of the guy getting sucked and watch her take your virtual load all over her face and hair! But, if your real self holds out, the best is yet to come.

The first type of sex is the classic missionary. Zooming in you can see a huge cock ramming her shaved pussy, and zooming out you can watch her just lay there getting fucked. The next type is doggy-style, where again you can watch as if you were the guy fucking her, or zoom over to watch her face as she is fucking. I’m glad I checked out the facial shot because her expressions are priceless and again the dirty talk is phenomenally hot.

There is also cowgirl style which is one of the most fun, the alternate angle from behind is absolutely fantastic. Her small pussy is taking in a huge cock and you can really zoom in close and see just how much she is getting in her. Of course, the normal POV angle is great as well to watch her huge tits bounce up and down.

But the best is probably reverse cow-girl. Of course you could watch her ass bob up and down, but the shot from in front of her is just too hot to miss. She looks amazing in stockings, and I definitely recommend zooming in if you are good enough with the remote in your other hand because at this point I was fumbling with it.

Multiple money-shots from the different ways of fucking her, including the blowjob, are also great to watch. While I came into this thinking the movie would be bland and too hard trying to control her (another great perk of movies like this that I have found out), it actually totally changed my outlook on movies like this. Any Devon fan definitely needs to pick this movie up. Hell, any porn fan needs to pick this up. It’s Devon!


Virtual Sex with Devon

Virtual sex with Devon is now available on DVD