Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve run this site for over a decade now and in that time I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Devon so I put together this section to provide answers to the frequently asked questions about the porn star …. her life, her career, anything and everything.

Is Devon on Twitter?

Yes, you can find Devon tweeting sometimes @DevonXXX.

When did Devon start her career as a porn star?

Devon began in career as a goddess in late 1998 after signing an exclusive contract with Vivid and joining the ranks of the creme da la’ creme in the adult industry. Before that time she was virtually unknown working on various strip clubs in New Jersey. Devon worked for Vivid for 3 years (1998-2001).

Is Devon retired? I heard rumors she was and rumors she wasn’t.

No, Devon is not retired and she is very much active right now with her career.  She does live web cams shows a few times a month and she also has made a few movies recently as well.  In fact, here are some movies she has recently tweeted of her on the set of a movie for Brazzers.  There were taken at the end of January 2013.

Devon 2013 Devon 2013 _2


Devon is currently booking work through ATMLA (Adult Talent Management LA) as of January 2013.  Her body remains as amazing as ever.  At 5 foot 3, she weighs about 100  pounds (tiny for her height), with an amazingly small 22 inch waist.  Her profile page says she is booking for the following type of work …

  • Blow Job
  • Boy/Boy/Girl
  • Boy/Girl
  • Boy/Girl/Girl
  • Creampie – Vag
  • Deep Throat
  • Group Sex
  • Hardcore  Scenes
  • Softcore Scenes
  • Solo (Masturbation)
  • Solo w/Toys
  • Stills
  • Store Signings
  • Web Cam
  • Smoking
  • Music Videos
  • B Movies

What other names has Devon used?

For her entire career she has really just been known simply as “Devon” but on rare occasion you might have seen her listed as Devon Blue, Devin, Devon XXX and with her very first movie she did with Jules Jordan, they listed her as Devin Striker, however she is most famous using the name Devon. That is the name she used when she signed her Vivid contract and became a star.

Has Devon ever done a facial?

Yes, quite a few times in fact and the movies she has done a facial in include The Watcher, Room Servicing, No Limits, Nice Neighbors, New Breed, Devon Does Baja, Devil’s Blackjack, Devon : The Lost Footage, Devon Decadence, Into the Night, Island Fever 3, Jack’s My First Porn 2, Jack’s Playground 31, and the now infamous Pirates, an award winning movie she did with Janine and Jesse Jane.

Has Devon ever done lesbian – girl/girl?

Yes, Devon has done quite a bit of pussy munching over the span of her career. As for the entire list, we would be here for days if we tried to list off all the movies Devon has done lesbian in. Some of them are In Aphrodite, Where The Boys Aren’t 12, Where The Boys Aren’t 13, and Dreams.

Has Devon ever done an anal sex?

During the early parts of her career Devon said it’s not something she is really into. Not even something she does in private. She also said “I have been practicing a little. More power to the girls who get off on it, but for me it’s not really a sexual area. It looks hot and I want to try it.” However in November of 2005, she did go on to do her first and only anal scene in a movie called Intoxicated.

Has Devon ever done an interracial scene?

No, she has not.

What is Devon’s exact date of birth?

March 28, 1977, 1978 or 1979 – depending on the source. However Vivid tells us it is actually 1977. So that makes her official (and legal) birthday March 28, 1977. If she was born in 1978 or 1979, as commonly reported that would have made her only 17 when she made her first film and posed nude for various adult magazines, which of course is not the case. So long story short, Devon’s birthday is March 28, 1977.

Does Devon have something going on with Bobby Vitale?

No, although Bobby Vitale and Devon worked together in many of her first movies, the two are only friends. In fact, at the time the movies were made Devon had a boyfriend.

Is Devon married?

Devon did marry her boyfriend of two years, who later entered the industry himself under the name of Barrett Blade. However their marriage ended sometime in 2003 and he is now married to Kirsten Price who was best known as a co-host of the popular Night Calls on Playboy TV. Devon and Barrett Blade’s breakup wasn’t pretty and she vowed to never work with him again.

What’s Devon’s best movie of all time?

That’s a hard question to answer. If you ask 10 different people that same question, you will no doubt get 10 different answers. I’ve always been a fan of her first feature film called Country Comfort for the pure fact that it was Devon before she was jaded. But Pirates, Devon Decadence, Virtual Sex with Devon are all very popular sellers as well.