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Devon Gossip … oh how we love it. This section of the website deals with gossip and rumors specific to the career of Devon. Although I do my best to verify all sources, it should be noted that gossip is what it is and it can’t all be verified as facts, hence why we call it gossip.

July 28, 2008

There has been a lot of talk about Devon no longer doing Boy / Girl scenes because of the previous posts on her myspace page and I’m happy to report that isn’t the case! For now at least Devon is booking work in movies with male talent or so says her booking agent, Gold Star Modeling. Gold Star Modeling books her for photo shoots, movies, magazines and feature dance gigs. This is a company she has been working with since December of 2007 and they say as of right now she will perform boy / girl, boy / girl / girl, blowjob, bondage, fetish, girl / girl, handjob, smokes, softcore, solo, stills and is willing to travel for work internationally if need be. The model booking report also updates us on her tattoos and piercings. It says she has tattoo on her ankles, belly, upper right arm and piercings on her belly and ears. One interesting point is that it states she started in the business on 12-14-00, which is about two years off.

I do want to point out however, despite what her booking agent may be saying her last few releases have been all lezbo only. Those titles are Radium 2, Remodeled, Devon Is Girl Crazy, Milfs Lovin’ Milfs. However her booking agent does say she is open for working with male talent so many nothing interesting has come her way as of her that includes a man.

pornstar devon

January 11, 2008

On January 11, 2008 Devon posted the following message on her Myspace page. Months later (still to this day) she never responded again regarding this issue.

How many of u would like 2 know the truth behind the supposed reality, lifestyle porn company, Shanes World, and the supposed reality movie , Devon does Baja?? What they didnt want u 2 see. And the reason behind the reason behind the fact that i will no loner perform boy/girl sceens………….xoxo, Devon.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me so many cool, & supportive comments, wanting to know what the deal is with Shanes World, & why they did, just what they did to me, (with the owners knowledge!) &, that IS definatly the reason why, i wont perform boy/girl anymore. You guys have been great!! I want so bad to tell everyone what went on!! But ive decided to wait, untill a few more people check it out & post a comment, i think im up to about 75 comments, of people wanting 2 know whats goin on, im gonna wait till i get just a little more feedback, once im up 2 lucky number 175, im lettin loose!! So leave me a comment, if u have an opinion on the subjuct, or are just interested in knowing, what some company owners will allow happen 2 their own contract girls. You know, a good friend of mine, made another point to me today, he was telling me the importance of , going ahead, n telling the truth about what happened, not just out of his own curiosity, but because by telling the truth, i could possibly be helping some girls, who may be just getting into the bizz, who would want to know what they may be getting themselves into, if they choose to work with this company. And hes absolutely rite. Thank you again, for all the teriffic comments!! Keep em commin!! Much luv!! xoxo, Devon.

(via a comment) Hey sweety, Thank you so much 4 your comment, about my Shanes world, problem, n what exactly they physically did 2 me 2 make me no longer want 2 perform boy/girl. I think that u are absolutely rite that one of the reasons i should tell the truth about the situation, 2 possibly help new talent, new girls from having to go through what i would honestly, it was not only the worst experience of my porn career, it was the worst experience of my life. i feel comfortable telling u some of these inside details, because u have been a loyal friend/fan, for quite some time, n i really do appreciate that! My lawyer has told me, that im free 2 make public what they did 2 me physically, & mentally, as long as it is the truth! One good thing about this country- Freedom of speech!! LOL!! Anyway, believe it or not, before i leak more details about the situation, n who was involved, n some of what was done 2 me, (with the owners of the companys knowledge!!) and because, im only posting it on my-myspace page, im going 2 wait till im up 2 a couple hundred people who really want 2 know what they hid from the public, i may leak a bit more of info here n there, but, id like alot of people 2 hear about this!! So spread the word!! The more comments i get on the subject, the faster i will reveal the almost unbelieveble truth!! So much luv 2 u Sweety!! xoxo, Devon.

January 2008

While much of Devon’s career is uncertain, it seems her ex is doing better than ever. After latching on to his next meal ticket, aka his new wife Kirsten Price, Barrett Blade’s career has really taken off. This year he was nominated for two AVN award (2008) … Best Actor in a video for his movie Nowhere Angels and Best supporting Actor in a video for his performance in Coming Home . He actually won the award for Best Support Acting for Coming Home.

March 2006 – October 2006

In March of 2004 Devon walked away from her contract with Digital Playground which she had been under since February of 2002. During her time with DP she did several high qualify films including the most notable Island Fever 3 which was shot on location in Bora Bora and Tahiti. This movie was also shot entirely on high definition, the first ever to be done so. Then there is also Pirates. Another high budget epic film with electrifying, swashbuckling sex-adventures.

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Devon signed a deal with a low class company called Black Kat Productions, stating she was tired of the big companies taking advantage of her. This company was said to be working on her new website as well, which was odd since their own website wasn’t even fully functional. It was really trashy to say the least. Several months went by with no updates and finally in October of 2006 Devon reported that she just signed a deal with Shane Productions for her own line of movies.

January 11, 2004
Update on Jan 2, 2007

Devon reports that she and Barrett Blade are no longer together. Devon went on to hint that it was a very ugly break up and although she is the reason he got strated in the adult industry, they will never again worth together. Sometime between this date and 2006, he marries Kirsten Price who is a co-host for Night Calls on Playboy TV. Barrett and Kirsten start their own website, teaming up with a company that has scammed many other pornstars in the past, screwing them out of tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue. All I can say to this one is LOL! Good job there bud.

Barrett Blade and Kirsten Price

I guess in the end we can just be happy that Devon got away from this loser and will go on to actually get her life together and most importantly get back to being the super star she could be. Devon still reports being single on her MySpace page and that she one day would like children. However she often uses the term “we” and has images up of her and her boyfriend. We can’t seem to get many details on who this boyfriend is but he goes by the name cdubs.

Devon’s Hubby Gets Some Action
October 11, 2002

It seems Devon’s husband finally got off his ass and got a job – but not just any old job – he’s now known as Barrett Blade – Porn Star. No, no – don’t laugh. I’m actually serious. This is an image of Devon and her hubby at the opening of her new movie “Rush” of which he appears in. Rumor has it, Devon not only demanded he starred along side her but also insisted he be given a higher billing in the list of credits than a male star would normally get.

Devon and Barrett Blade

Don’t you just love the dirty jeans he wore to the movie premier. Poor Devon. We tried to contact Digital Playground, the company who produced this movie but they refused to comment on the situation. We contacted Kelli from, the company that sells more Devon movies online than anyone else and asked her for a comment about these Devon rumors. Kelli’s response was “Devon fell in love and married a guy. The rest of the world may not agree with her taste in men, but who are we to say who Devon can marry? If the guy really makes her happy then more power to her. I’m glad Devon has something to make her happy because at this rate, her career can’t be giving her to many smiles. It has to be hard for her – I mean to go from the best selling porn star to having almost non-existant sales. That would be hard for anyone. So can’t we just be happy for her that she found someone?”

Ya, ya …. I know that would be the right thing to do, but can anyone really be happy for someone they know is in a horrible relationship? Ok, I guess we can pretend like we are happy. YAH DEVON! CONGRATS ON FINDING YOURSELF A BIG FAT LOSER. Here’s to hoping he continues to use and take advantage of you, for many years to come. Ummm anyway … all I can really say is, poor Devon. Truth is, I do hope she finds happiness. If anyone deserves it, this poor girl does.

It really is true
August 18, 2002

During January of last year Devon was picked as the Penthouse pet of the month, during a really great issue, since it also happens to be the month they do the pet of the year for last year. Ok well, during an interview Devon talked about being the first Penthouse pet for the new millennium. Everyone was like HUH? The new millennium started January 1, 2000 … but come to find out Devon was actually right. Listen to this … long ago there was no standard calendar, with year numbers progressing from one year to the next. Instead years were relative to the reign of the current monarch; for example it might be the 5th year of King Ptolemy VII’s reign. This worked fine in ancient times as most people didn’t really care what year it was. Eventually historians figured out what a pain it was trying to calculate someone’s birthday who was born in the 4th year of someone’s reign and died in the 10th year of someone else’s.

Devon in the January 2001 Penthouse

About 525 AD, a monk named Dionysius Exiguus suggested that the years be counted from the birth of Christ, which was designated AD (anno Domini, “the year of the Lord”). This proposal came to be adopted throughout Christendom during the next 500 years. The year before AD 1 is designated as 1 BC (before Christ). This numbering system made matters considerably easier. Now you could tell that someone was was born in 600 AD and died in 650 AD was about 50 years old at the time of death.

There was however one tiny problem. Zero hadn’t yet made it to Europe from Asian when the new plan was adopted, so the new calendar numbered the years starting with 1 rather than 0, this is, the year after 1 BC was 1 AD. While this may seem reasonable, it accounts for a number of oddities in our current calendar:

Dates ranges spanning AD and BC are hard to calculate, since you can’t just treat BC as negative. If someone were born in 1 BC and died in 1 AD how old was that person? If the person was born on the last day of 1 BC and then died on the first day of 1 AD the person could have very well just been a few days old and not two years old like one would logically think.

The 20th century consists of the years 1901 to 2000. This is where the Devon thingy comes in …. the third millennium starts on January 1, 2001 and not 2000. The reason is that since the first century started in 1 AD, the second century has to start in 101 AD; if it started in 100 AD, the first century would have consisted of only 99 years rather than 100.

Anyway, long story short (if it’s not already to late for that) Devon was right. The new millennium does begin on January of 2001 and she is in fact the first penthouse of pet of the new millennium.

Devon Says I DO!
January 22, 2002

During an appearance on the Tera Patrick show the other day Devon let it slip that she and long time boyfriend, Barrett have officially made plans to wed on an date yet to be announced. When Devon was asked how her upcoming marriage would change her career as a porn goddess she smiled and replied “It won’t really change it much, well other than the fact that I’ll be much happier. We have been together a long time and it’s only natural that we take the next step. But don’t worry, I have no plans on becoming one a boring housewife. Barrett is wonderfully supportive of my career. I love him and as much as we are together I already feel like his wife. So really I don’t expect much to change”. So now you have it … miss Devon will marry.

Devon and Barrett

Devon Wins AVN Award
January 16, 2002

On January 13th Devon was awarded the 2002 AVN video award for her stellar performance in her interactive dvd ” Virtual Sex with Devon”. Devon had to say this about winning: “I had some tough competition like Taylor Hayes and Sylvia Saint. But maybe the fans really do get to make things happen.”

Devon wins AVN Award

Devon’s Unemployed
December 18, 2001

‘Tis sad but true, our beloved Devon has went from people calling her “porn’s future mega star” to being a girl without a contract and no hopes for one anytime soon, so say industry insiders. It seems things with Jill Kelly didn’t work out for her like she hoped, from what I here, due to major dismal sales of her new movies. All though Digital Playground has agreed to take over the production and design of her official site, they have decided not to sign her to a contract to make any movies for them.

Pornstar Devon

When asked about her departure from Jill Kelly and company, Devon said (as reported on Luke “I have never really had the opportunity to see what is out there regarding movie companies, until this moment. I was so excited to work with Jill that I simply made the next move quickly. There were changes within JKP that happened from when I first starting working together with the company, and the time had come to simply move on. I wish Jill and Bob Friedland the very best. They where there when I needed somebody, and I am forever thankful for that. I love both of them dearly and expect and hope to stay close with both of them.” This is all so sad … I mean truth is – Devon is HOT! I so wished she would have just sucked it up and went back to Vivid before it all got this far. 🙁