Devil’s Blackjack

Devil's Blackjack

Devil’s BlackJack is the game show that gives you one hell of a chance to win and eternal damnation if you lose! Are you UP for it?

Sady is your dealer (played by Devon) with Alex Black as your host (played by Bobby Vitale). The players are uncommitted souls and their fate is determined not by anything they have done, buy by their luck and skill.

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Devon comes out in a short black leather mini skirt with a white shirt open in front, exposing her stomach and parts of her breasts. You can’t help but be set back by her absolute beauty. Her first game is with a computer programmer and some motorcycle guy. The computer programmer wins and his prize is Devon in any fantasy he can think of. He decides to do her in an elevator and boy does he do her!!

Devon in a purple leather bikini is first shown with her legs wrapped around his waist, while they are kissing. He then picks her up over his head and briefly eats her pussy. She thens drops to her knees and sucks his cock. She really seems to get into it and him. I like that about this scene. She doesn’t seem to be acting. It’s like she really likes this guy and really wants to fuck him!

She stands back up, leans against the wall and he eats her pussy and finger fucks her ass at the same time. She then turns to face the wall, for him to stick his cock in her pussy. He tries but it seems she is to take to take all of it right away so he gets her a little looser with his tongue. He must eat great pussy because she really seemed to like it. I think she forgot she was on camera there for a moment. I guess I would to if my lover picked me up and did a STANDING 69. πŸ™‚

She then lies on the floor and lets him put it in. He’s so sweet about it and really goes in gentle at first. Once fully inside of her, it seems to have been worth the wait since she is moaning and screaming with excitement. Devon also doesn’t seem to be afraid tot ell you what she wants and what I like about him is that he slows down for a minute after he makes her come to let her pull herself together.

She then stands up and he takes her from behind. Then they rotate positions to a sort of a side by side, standing fuck position. Nice camera shots in this one. Great angles. πŸ˜‰ When it’s all said and done, he comes on her face then she licks him clean!

This was without a doubt a great scene and my personal favorite for the year. I love to watch a movie where a girl REALLY gets into it as much as the guy does. You go Devon!

Anyway, the next winner wants to do this new secretary @ his office. So the hosts snaps his fingers and makes it a reality. This secretary was a light skinned black chick with big tits. He starts out by eating her pussy, then he finger fucks her, then she blows him. He fucks her on the desk as she screams with pleasure. She then sits on his lap (facing out), then he does her doggie style. He pulls out and cums on her ass. This scene wasn’t bad and the girl was okay I guess — but she’s surely no Devon.

The next hand of Devil’s BlackJack brings in our first female player. With a stroke of luck, both her and the male wins so what to do? How about each other?? Only this time the host of your show (Alex Black) joins in on the fun. πŸ™‚

The housewife blows Alex, while Hector eats her pussy. Side note for the girls: Alex is one fine man. perfect body, nice sized cock, sexy eyes, cute butt, OH BABY!!

Now back to the threesome … Alex fucks her doggy style while she blows hector. She goes on her back, Alex fucks her while she gives Hector a hand job, then Hector stands up and shoves it in her mouth. Alex sticks it in her ass, then pulls it out and comes on her face, then Hector follows.

The next hand is with two girls. So Devon joins in for a hot threesome lesbo love fest with a few rubber cocks on the side. Another side note girls: If you buy a strap on, get the smaller, beige one. It feels way better. πŸ™‚ Anyway, the three girls spend some time touching, kissing and licking their bodies. This is actually a pretty good lesbian scene.

In this last scene Devon does her boyfriend, who offed himself to be with her. He first eats her pussy on the blackjack table, a sexual act she really seems to enjoy. Then she blows him. Then he fucks her hard and fast. Side note for you boys: If your cock is more than 5″ and the girl you are with has a tight pussy (like Devon does), don’t fuck her to hard and fast, at least not until you are sure she is major wet and ready for it.

Next he fucks her doggie style, over a chair and she really seems to like it now. Then the leg up missionary position, while on the floor. (one of my personal favorite positions), then he comes on her tits for the ending.


Devil's Blackjack
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  • Scene 1. Devon and Eric Price
  • Scene 2. Cricket and Ian Daniels
  • Scene 3. Bobby Vitale, Ian Daniels and Melody Love
  • Scene 4. Chandler, Devon and Raylene
  • Scene 5. Devon and Tony Tedeschi