Country Comfort

Country Comfort

Country Comfort is the story of a country boy and his many beautiful and very playful wives. The move begins with Devon playing with herself in a picturesque country setting. Soon her sexy friend joins in (played by Mr. Fine himself – Bobby Vitale) while from afar another man watches on (he’s behind some trees so she can’t see that he’s watching).

Country Comfort gives “Sister Wives” a whole new kinky meaning!

DevonHalli AstonGwen SummersRaquel Devine

There is a lot of kissing, touching, caressing and pussy eating going on at first. Bobby Vitale and Devon go well together. There is just something about them … a sort of spark that you don’t often see with two performers who have never really met before now. She’s a little blonde with a cute smile and he’s strong and super sexy. Vivid has a hot paid on their hands, let’s hope they put them together in the future. She seems to truly adore him and can’t wait for him to cum on her tits.

Bobby Vitale’s clothes come off and Devon blows him – while still wearing her white, flowing dress. She seems quite gentle with her blow jobs. Next, Bobby removes her dress then she gets a little more rough and into it!

Devon now gets down on her knees and Bobby takes her from behind. (Devon’s favorite position) He really overpowers her and she seems to like it. I’d love to be Devon right about now – girls, Bobby Vitale is so hot and he really seems to know how to make a women happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ While having sex, Devon looks up and sees her little voyeur friend through the trees watching. I think she likes it and fucks Bobby even harder.

After Devon’s little romp in the woods, she goes home to her husband and co-wives/girlfriends. There she meets the peeping tom (from the woods) and finds her husband has invited him to stay for awhile to help around the house. Devon shows him upstairs while her husband 2 of her girlfriends play downstairs in the living room – man does this guy have the life!

Anyway, while Devon is helping her new house guest get settled, he pulls her on his lap and she rubs her pussy on his cock getting it nice and hard. Just then, her husband calls for her so she has to run (poor guy).

The next day the new house guest, now hired as the caretaker of the house – finds himself taking care of one of Mr. Polygamy’s wives on the back porch, while Mr. Polygamy is doing one himself only a few hundred yards away. I really wonder how this man finds the strength to get any actual farming done.

Anyway, next you see Mr. Polygamy leading one of his wives the the living room for a fuck. The girl must have been a rancher’s daughter because boy does she know how to “ride”. The next scene is a 3some lesbo scene set outside with Devon in the middle of this lesbian sandwich. The caretaker catches a view and can’t help but stand back and watch. Soon the girls catch him watching and make him join in.

While having their way with the caretaker the husband walks up and catches them … what will he do? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I promise it won’t be what you expect!

Country Comfort

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  • Scene 1. Devon and Bobby Vitale
  • Scene 2. Devon
  • Scene 3. Gwen Summers, Halli Aston and Hershel Savage
  • Scene 4. Phyllisha Anne with Julian
  • Scene 5. Raquel Devine with Hershel Savage
  • Scene 6. Devon, Gwen Summers, Halli Aston and Julian