Ask Devon

For all of you guys out there that just can’t get enough Devon, here is a reprint from the “ASK THE SEXPERTS: From STUFF Magazine for Men”. It’s an article where Devon gives some great sex advice. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

My penis is shaped like a banana. Do girls find this odd?

Devon: Yes, that’s totally abnormal, you freak! Just kidding. Honestly – and we are being honest, right? I cannot get off unless a guy has a slight upward bend to his penis. The curve allows him to hit my G-spot. If your doo-dah is curved downward or severely to the left or right, I’m going to have to plead the Fifth. If this is the case and your bratwurst isn’t bringing home the bacon, work on your other techniques – like tongue kung fu down below. That can make up for almost anything else.

I’d love to experiment with sex toys, but my girlfriend isn’t into anything kinky. How can I changer her mind?

Devon: I’ve always been very open sexually, so I’ve never had a problem whipping out dildos – shocking somebody really gets me off. But in this case, start small: Buy her tasteful lingerie, or watch porn together. Or suggest letting her dominate you at first, so that she’s in complete control. I blindfolded and handcuffed my boyfriend to the bed recently and got very naughty. If she does that to you, you won’t mind losing control for a little while.

((( special side note ))) Kelli says: The watching a video idea is right but make sure it’s one suitable for females. Girls aren’t usually into adult movies with lesbian scenes. Some good girl movies would be Pirates with Devon and Janine, or Bad Wives with Dyanna Lauren. She is the girl is now directs many of Devon’s movies. Another would be Jekyll and Hyde with Taylor Hayes. A porn remake of the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In fact it’s probably one of the best adult movie’s I’ve ever seen and it was created entirely on location in Budapest. But not to worry guys – it’s not just a girl movie. After all, it is a porno. For you girls there is a great story line and for you guys there is the Vivid hottie, Taylor Hayes. The chick that kind of looks like Cindy Crawford. 🙂 I should say out of the three though Pirates with Devon and Janine is probably best as it was rated one of the best (quality wise) adult movies ever made.

Anyway – once you get past the movie watching part, next introduce the sex toy as a gift. But be smart about it and make it a multi-item gift. Maybe get her some flowers and vibe. Not sure what one to pick? Check out the popular RABBIT.

But do remember, it’s a two step process. If she’s not into the movie part, don’t rush right into the toy part. Open her up to new ideas slowly and if you ever do get her to come around, you’ll both enjoy it more.

My girlfriend said that her friend has 10 orgasms a night. Now I feel like a putz. How can I give her multiples?

Devon: Ten a night? That sounds insane to me. Personally, I can only get there two to three times max. So, honestly, I wouldn’t sweat it – I’d prefer for a guy to make me come once really hard than lots of times. Be committed to that and you’ll blow her mind.

I’d really like to have a threesome with my girlfriend and another girl. What’s the best way to make that happen?

Devon: Threesomes are awesome because there are so many hands and mouths everywhere – all pleasuring you. I haven’t had one with my boyfriend because I don’t know if I could handle him paying attention to another girl. But I’ve had all-girl ones. It’s happened when I’m really drunk with friends and one thing leads to another. But I’m getting off track. First, find out if your gal is into it by dropping hints. Bring home magazines and see if she makes comments like, “Oooh, that girl’s got a great body.” Although, “We sure could use another hot babe in bed” would be a more reliable sign. At least it opens the door for you to discuss it and take it from there.

My girlfriend saw the Sex in the City golden-shower episode and now wants me to pee on her. Is this harmful?

Devon: If someone wanted to pee on me, I’d be totally weirded out. But if you do try it, she’ll probably be more into trying things that you want to do, so maybe you’ll get to have that threesome after all.

I’d love to get my gal to ejaculate. Know any tricks to try?

Devon: Oh, God, I squirted recently, and it was absolutely incredible! It’s not like an orgasm – it’s more intense and feels like a warm, gushing explosion. Here’s how it worked for me: My back was on the bed, and my legs were up on my boyfriend’s shoulders; he was kneeling and pulling my hips up and down on his penis, stimulating my G-spot like crazy. Try that, and if you succeed, she’ll be yours for life.

Exclusive Devon Interview

This was one of the first interviews Devon ever did. It was done in early 1999. At the time this interview was done she had only 4 movies released and had only really just begun to taste fame.

Jenna Jameson seems to be the reining “queen” of porn stars. People are now saying that you are going to be the next “Jenna Jameson”. What do you think about that?

I’m flattered. Jenna is great. I hope to fill those shoes and then some.

Less than a year ago you were a virtually unknown. How did you get so famous – so fast?

Vivid is great as promoting their new stars.

You are so modest. 🙂 Do you feel the Internet played any part in making you an overnight success?

Yes, guys on the internet have great taste. 🙂

What is that a tattoo of, on your stomach?

It’s a butterfly.

Deovn now has a butterfly on left lower abdomen; wrap above right ankle; partial wrap on right ankle; crest shield on upper right arm and a navel piercing.

How many videos have you done?

So far, four feature roles.

** Keep in mind this interview was done in 1999. Since that time she has done way more.

What was your first feature role in a video?

My first feature role in a movie was Country Comfort. My first scene was actually the last one of me in the movie with Bobby Vitale.

What was it like on the set of your first video?

I was nervous but it was still cool, exciting and fun.

How did you get select to become a “Vivid Girl”?

I met Howard in New Jersey through a friend and that was that. 🙂

And for those who don’t know, Howard is who?

Howard is a big shot at Vivid. He pretty much has a say in every Vivid girl approved. If you want a contract with Vivid, Howard is the man to see.

Was it a casting couch kind of situation?

Not at all. I thought it might be but he was very professional and the whole thing was very short and serious. He looked me over and made his decision rather quickly. I was in and out before I really even realized it was all over.

What does your family think about what you do for a living?

They’re okay with it – I think.

What are your thoughts on the internet?

It’s the future, baby!! 🙂

What is your favorite sexual position and why?

Doggie style. Because I love being taken from behind.

I think many people of your fans would love to see you perform with some of their other favorites like Janine, Chasey Lain or even Jenteal. However in most of your movies you work with a lot of younger, unknowns. Do you have any future plans to work with girls more of your status?

Look out for next years line up. I think Vivid will surprise everyone.

** We later found out she was referring to her work in Where The Boys Aren’t 12 which at the time it was released was one of the most all star cast movies ever released.

Of all the other famous porn stars out there – is there anyone in particular you would like the chance to work with and why?

Taylor Hayes and any hot new young dude.

When you are not working – what do you like to do?

Shop – Eat – Shop – Eat. Actually when I’m not working I love to sit in front of the TV and veg out. I’m not some big diva. I love being just me and doing things normal people do. I’m very down to earth. I eat fast food and vacuum my floor just like everyone else does. I actually just finished eating Subway.

How has the “sex” business changed your life?

It’s given me more confidence about who I am. Before I wasn’t so outgoing and aggressive about what I wanted. Now it’s like Yeah – check me out! 🙂