Devon Biography

Devon Biography

The Devon biography is a long and complicated story and it all begins when our beloved Devon was born on March 28, 1977 in a small town in Pennsylvania. She grew up like most girls and graduated from Saucon Valley High School in Hellertown, Pennsylvania in 1995. Things weren’t going to well for Devon after high school. She was working as a waitress, just barely getting by when she decided to head to Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, Pennsylvania for amateur night. Devon took first prize in the event and was offered a job as an exotic dancer. This would be a job that she would keep for about 3 years. It would be her job as a dancer that would pay for her breast implants and that would lead her to her future career as a star … a porn star!

Porn Star Devon Biography

Porn Star Devon’s Biography

Dayton RainsIn 1998 Devon met a porn star by the name of Dayton Rains who at the time was working as a Vivid girl, which is a porn star who was under exclusive contract with Vivid Vivid.  At the time that was considered the highest one could obtain in the porn business.  Being a “Vivid Girl” was the most highly sought after title for more than two decades.

Dayton was on a dance tour and Al’s Diamond Cabaret was one of her scheduled appearances. Dayton and Devon hit it off right from the start. Many event commented on how much the girls looked alike and that they could be long, lost sisters. After work the girls partied together and Dayton told Devon all about life as a porn star.

Dayton told Devon how you had to get a set of photos done and then send those out to companies to try and get work. Devon did just that. On her own she couldn’t get into the people at Vivid so she instead took work with a low budget porn producer and made one film.

Devon wasn’t happy with the experience and would have walked away for good had it not been for her friend Dayton stepping in and promising to take her to the right people at Vivid.

Just prior to her visit to Vivid, Devon met with then little known producer Jules Jordan.  He would later release some of that footage under the title New Breed in which he refers to her as “Devin Striker”.

New Breed volume 1 Devin Striker

She shot some low budget footage with him but things didn’t go well on that set and had her new friend Dayton Rains not stepped up with the right introductions at Vivid, we may not have ever heard of Devon.

Dayton kept her promise and before she knew it, Devon was standing in the offices of one of the big wigs at Vivid. Devon was young and naive at the time and had no idea how things worked in the business. According to rumor, Devon thought she would help her chances by making a move on the Vivid executive she was meeting with, who laughed it off and explained that in this business he see’s pussy all day long and she doesn’t need to put out to get a job.

That things don’t work like that around Vivid. Despite this setback the executive liked what he seen in Devon. He later would reveal that on the first day he met Devon he thought she had spunk and he knew she could be big, maybe even bigger than Jenna Jameson, who at the time had just began to rule the porn industry as the queen of porn.

Devon was awarded a contract with Vivid but just after Dayton Rains had lost hers. Dayton it seems was a little to much of a party girl. Because Devon was brought in as a friend of Dayton’s, the big boys at Vivid decided to bring Devon in for a little chat. They sat Devon down and explained to her the seriousness of the business and that making movies, although fun was still very much a business and they expected her to behave herself. Devon handled herself very well in that meeting. So much so that she impressed even the owner of Vivid and he gave the go ahead to put some extra promotion into Devon and make her a mega star.

Devon Before and After

Devon worked for Vivid for 3 years (1998-2001). Her first release for Vivid was Country Comfort. This movie became an instant hit, not really as much because it was a great title but instead because of Devon’s performance in one of the scenes.

The first scene they filmed for the movie was actually a scene that would be shown toward the end of the movie. It was between Devon and industry veteran Bobby Vitale. In this scene they are having a picnic outside on a blanket and that leads to sex. The sex was pretty good, Devon and Bobby have natural chemistry together and that helped. But during the end when he comes on her, she freezes. She doesn’t know what to do. She looks so sweet and innocent and it all comes across on camera making for a very unique experience in a porno.

Devon was widely promoted by Vivid and gained a rather large fan base fast. She was on the Howard Stern show, E!, Penthouse, Stuff Magazine. The other Vivid girls weren’t stpuid. They knew Devon was by far getting more promotional effort than they were and it caused for some tension in the workplace at times.

In 2001 Vivid decided not to renew Devon’s contract after she had a dispute with a well known adult photographer on a photoshoot that was to promote one of her movies. Devon stood her ground and refused to tolerate his sexual harassment.

From late 2001 to very early 2002 Devon spent some time working with Jill Kelly who had started her own film studio. Sales weren’t so hot so Devon was again without a contract. Devon made arrangements for Digital Playground to take over running her official website and do one movie which was Virtual Sex with Devon. Sales for the movie were great and it would go on to win the best interactive DVD of the year award. As a direct result of the major sales of this movie Digital Playground agreed to sign Devon to a contract and they made several great movies together.

Devon did some work with porn star Tawny Roberts who at the time wanted to start her own line of mobile porn. Prior to the business deal, the two girls had been friends for years. It was reported that Tawny’s company would pay Devon several about $6,000 for a series of photoshoots that would later be turned into porn star wallpaper’s for your cell phone. Devon did some of the work but was never paid by the person running Tawny’s company and this put a strain on their friendship. In the end the two parted ways.


In March of 2006 Devon walked away from her contract with Digital Playground to sign with an little known sleaze producer called Black Kat Productions. They were promising to release a new version of her official site but nothing ever surfaced. Then Devon announced that she had just signed a deal with Shane Productions for her own line of movies. Shane Productions is well known in the industry for their line of low budget gonzo movies. As such very little was expected from her first release with them but much to everyone’s surprise Devon’s movie Devon Does Baja was actually really good. It’s almost like she made it herself but with better production quality than a homemade movie. It’s not Vivid quality or high production values but it’s really not a bad movie. It’s very up close and personal. Almost like you were there with her. Her die hard fans will absolutely love it.

In late 2007 Devon through out some hints that she was thinking of leaving the industry for good however never said anything definite. In January of 2008 Devon posted an odd message on her myspace in which she indicated she would reveal some sort of scandalous information about something that took place on the set of her movie Devon Does Baja and left her fans to believe this news was so bad it was the sole reason she would never again perform in a boy / girl scene. She is however the cover girl for the January 2008 Club International Magazine with a headline stating Devon is back so who knows what Devon’s plans are for her porn career. Perhaps only time will tell.