Devon – Before She Was Famous

It’s Devon, the one and only, before she was famous.  Long ago Devon was working as a stripper in a little club in Reading, Pennsylvania called Al’s Diamond Cabaret. She had been dancing for a few years and knew she wanted more. One night a girl named Dayton Rains comes to the club as a featured performer. Dayton Rains at the time was a Vivid Girl and Devon seen the wads of cash Dayton was making not only in tips but also the fact that she got paid just to show up from the club itself, combine that with her tips and money she was making from product sales it didn’t take long before the dollar signs appeared in Devon’s eyes. After work Devon took Dayton out for a night on the town and Dayton told her how to become a porn star. Devon met a guy named Jules Jordan and did some work with him. Back then Jules Jordan wasn’t a huge, award winning director like he is now …… no – no, he was just some low budget smut peddler trying to make a name for himself. Years later Jules Jordan would tell people Devon and him had a “thing” but in reality, Devon says that isn’t true at all — Devon says she was a paid performer …. nothing more, nothing less and she isn’t sure why Jules Jordan is saying otherwise.

Devon – The Lost Footage.  So we were sitting in our offices one day and this Vivid feature comes in like a million others we get every morning at ten am. We pop it in the player and on our screen is just about the cutest little blonde we’d ever seen. Then, the tape disappeared. Then just as mysteriously it re-appeared. This is the tale of the tape. And the story of Devon.

Devon - Before She Was FamousDevon - The Lost Footage

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The footage Devon did for Jules Jordan was pretty hot but he wouldn’t release it. Prior to being able to release it Devon signed with Vivid and Vivid bought up the footage themselves. For some reason Devon was under the assumption that Vivid says they would buy the footage up but never release it. Not really sure where she got this from because anyone who has ever seen it for even a second would be crazy not to want to release it. It is some of Devon’s best work. Hustler rated Devon The Lost Footage FULLY ERECT! and AVN gave it 4 Stars (their highest rating). Howard Levine, national sales manager for Vivid said “I think it’s some of the best stuff Jules Jordan ever shot. There’s stuff shot through a window, it’s very voyeuristic. What most people don’t know is that when this movie was release originally in October of 2001, it was done so exclusively through for this website ( / and for the first year we were the only people in the world to have it.