Blondage 3: The Dresser

These photos came from the Vivid movie Blondage 3: The Dresser.

Blondage 3: The Dresser

Janine and Julia are back on the circuit, battling club owners, deranged fans and perhaps even their dresser! It’s Blondage — In bondage like never before. So pull up a chair, grab your wad and enjoy the show.

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  • Scene 1. Janine, Julia Ann, Randi Rage
  • Scene 2. Malitia, Randi Rage, Bobby Vitale
  • Scene 3. Corinne Williams, Devon, Julian
  • Scene 4. Julia Ann, Randi Rage, John Decker, Tony Tedeschi
  • Scene 5. Julia Ann, Randi Rage, John Decker, Tony Tedeschi
  • Scene 6. Coral Sands, Janine

Where is Devon now?

Where is she now? That’s a great question but let’s get a few things out of the way first.

  • Is Devon retired? No.
  • Is Devon under contract with any porn company at this time? No.
  • Is Devon still making movies? YES!!

This page has been updated a lot over the years so I’ve decided to put the most recent stuff right up here and then move all the other stuff down below that just in case you are interested but the newest stuff, as in what she is doing right now in her life will be here up top of this page so it will be the most relevant.

Devon October 23, 2016

Devon was feature dancing at a club in Philly and did a short video clip that I thought I would share with you, so that you can see just how fabulous she looks!

** I don’t know why the video turned sideways when I converted it to an mp4. Sorry about that.

Devon January 22, 2015

Devon is still doing web cam shows on streamate for her fans. She’s also very active on Twitter (@DevonXXX) still. Here is a picture she took of herself on January 22, 2015.


Devon May 2014

Devon is still doing web cam shows on streamate for her fans. She’s also very active on Twitter (@DevonXXX) and is even supposedly developing an official site. She’s gone through this before so I can’t say for sure or not if it will ever go live but if it does that will be great for her fans. So what does Devon look like now? She still looks hot as ever! Here are three pictures she took (selfies) from late May of 2014.

Devon 2013

Devon is still a feature dancer and makes from what I hear good money doing it. She also hired a booking agent to handle requests for movies and photo shoots, which is Gold Star Modeling. They aren’t the biggest but this is the same company who handles bookings for girls like Puma Swede, Jessica Jaymes, Nautica Thorn and Kylie Ireland. Her profile page on their website says she joined with them in December of 2007 and is currently available for all kinds of workign including boy / girl scenes!  Gold Star Modeling eventually went out of business but not to worry, Devon is still active.

Besides her weekly web cam shows that she does for her fans, Devon has also been busy making a few movies.  Here is a picture of what Devon looks like from a movie she did for Brazzers in February of 2013.

Devon in 2013

As you can see Devon has aged very well and looks hot as hell.  There are some girls who return to porn years later and have gained a lot of weight and look really bad but not Devon.  She clearly has a very rock hard body and has taken care of herself.


This is the older stuff from before.


Although I should point out that Devon has talked about limiting her work to working with females only for awhile. Is that true? I don’t know but I do know she is working on a hot new movie right now with former Vivid girl Nina Mercedez. I don’t know 100% for sure but it could be a movie called Mercedez loves Sophia which will be a lesbian only movie that co-stars Sophia Santi and Audrey Botinti. If this is the movie you can look for it to be released in September.

So what has miss Devon been up to lately? Well she is no longer under contract with Shane’s World. Although it’s uncertain as to why that is, there have been many rumors circulating, some put out by Devon herself through her old Myspace page. Speaking of which, apparently Devon’s Myspace page has been victim of quite a few hack attacks and as such she changed her page which is now  It is on her new Myspace page that we learn Devon is not retired as some have speculated (this was a few years ago when MySpace was a ting).

I am now out of my contract with Shane’s World and getting back into the business slowly and most importantly I am very excited about the launch of my website XOXO Devon

However you should keep in mind that Devon has been mentioning the re-launch of her official website for a few years now and in that time we haven’t really seen all that much progress. In fact, there isn’t even a welcome image there anymore. At least last year there was that. Now it’s just a white page. (as soon in the image below)

Devon XXX

So what has miss Devon been doing? Well apparently she has been working on a few lower budget movies that you would not expect from a star of her caliber. But fans and critics are quick to defend her decision to make these types of movies saying she’s getting back to the very essence of what made her famous … down and dirty, hardcore sex. You can’t really fault her for that. Some of these titles include Radium 2 : A Matt Zane production. A movie in which she works with a handful of up and commers including Tera Wray and Dana DeArmond. There is also Devon is a Crazy Girl from new porn company 818XXX studios and MILFs Loving MILFs which is a low budget lesbian flick from New Sensations that co-stars Puma Swede. In all fairness it’s not a total cheap piece of shit movie but well, let’s just say it’s not a big budget Vivid feature either.


Devon Free Members Only Show

For those huge Devon fans out there, (like me) Devon will be doing a free members only show at the Maxihard website. Now here is what is cool about this show … as I said before the show is free to their members and they have a $1 trial option so you could watch her 1 hour live show for $1. How cool is that? 🙂


Devon live show

The show is on Friday June 6, 2014 at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST)

This show has now passed but you can still watch her on Streamate almost every week by clicking here

No Limits

It’s a battle of the blonde babes in Digital Playground’s movie No Limits. There are No Rules. No Boundaries. No Assumptions. NO LIMITS is a fast paced, mind-bending thriller starring contract superstar Devon and industry sensation, Jessica Drake. Additionally, NO LIMITS features Digital Playground’s new contract star, Jesse Jane in her very first scene!

devon jesse jane jessica drake brittney skye

Released in 2003, this movie is about an hour and 43 minutes long. It’s rare to find an adult movie where the story is as good as the sex, and even rarer to discover one in which you could cut out the sex completely and still have a good movie, but that’s exactly what one gets with No Limits. While I enjoyed the sex in the movie, I also found myself engrossed in the story, and wondering what would happen next. That’s something you really can’t say about most adult movies. Watching this movie may give you flashbacks to the Michael Douglas movie, The Game.

I would say this is probably one of the best Devon movies I have ever seen. The movie itself is great but if you are a Devon fan this is one you must have for your collection! This movie has it all, special effects, a great story line, decent acting, amazing sex and DEVON. Really, what more could you ask for in a top notch adult movie?

No Limits


  • Scene 1. Brittney Skye and Hershel Savage
  • Scene 2. Devon
  • Scene 3. Jesse Jane and Jessica Drake
  • Scene 4. Cheyne Collins and Jessica Drake
  • Scene 5. Devon and Barrett Blade
  • Scene 6. Devon and Jessica Drake

On a side note, in scene 5 you will find Devon performing with Barrett Blade … this is Devon’s real life husband (at the time they are now divorced). Which would explain why they have such great chemistry when performing together.



Where The Boys Aren’t 12

Where The Boys Aren’t 12. The box for this movie states that “Where The Boys Aren’t” is the most popular all-girl series in adult film. Judging by this scorching installment, the title is well deserved. Episode #12 has a truly all star cast made up of sexy veterans, such as Janine, Jenteal & Raylene, and some of the cutest new porn pussy to come down the pike, like Devon, Sky and Kobe Tai.

alex taylor sky lopez devon raylene

No fooling around as this movie begins with the lovely Sky servicing the even lovelier Devon outside on a blanket. This reviewer had wood even before the starring credits rolled when the eager Sky maneuvered the willing Devon into numerous positions as she inserted fingers and tongue into her pink snapper. However, before Devon can return the favor, Jenteal andRaylene call her away to begin the trek to the mountains

taylor hayes julia ann jenteal kobe tai

Upon arrival in the mountains, Jenteal and Raylene proceed with the initiation of Devon into the sorority. The initiation, of course, involves a three way group grope with pussies and assholes probed with dildos, tongues, and fingers. Particularly hot are Jenteal’s licking of Raylene’s dark browneye, and Raylene’s returning the favor on Jenteal’s somewhat lighter colored shit circle. The initiation and scene concludes with Raylene demanding that Devon beg for and receive hard fucking from her large strap on dildo.

Unfortunately for our sexy sorority sisters, while they were enjoying themselves, one of the escapees steals their car and all of their belongings. The Asian sexpot Kobe Tai returns to the cons hideout to show off her loot and is rewarded by leader Janine and big breasted Alex Taylor. This reward consists mostly of Janine cramming one of the stolen dildos up Kobe’s tight slit while she mounts a pool table doggy style. This affords us some great views of Kobe’s beautiful deep cherry pussy and tiny asshole, which is soon filled by Janine’s tongue in yet some more delicious analingus. Janine proceeds to flip Kobe up on her shoulders so she can spit all over screaming Kobe’s cunt. This sight is too much for Alex to take so she grabs a couple of dildos of her own, and we soon have a pool table trio of twat! Janine then takes a purple dildo up the snatch from Kobe as Alex lubricates her clean enough to eat off of poop chute with some spit and some tongue lashes before completing the double penetration with a matching purple french tickler. The scene is interrupted as the owner of the hideout cabin, Taylor Hayes, appears holding a shotgun.

Janine soon regains control by taking the shotgun from Taylor and holding her hostage. Coincidentally, the three sorority sisters stop at the cottage while walking back to civilization and are soon tied up next to Taylor. Alex takes advantage of the hostage situation by eating and digitally probing Raylene’s meaty pussy until her prison girlfriend Julia Ann returns with Taylor in tow. She puts a stop to the shenanigans and begins eating Alex’s pie until she realizes three is more fun and invites Raylene to rejoin the party. They soon realize Taylor has been left out, thus prompting Julia Ann to remedy that situation by untying her, stripping her naked, and sticking a tongue up her slit as well as a finger up her butt.

As the foursome play on a cot in the cabin, there is a great close up of Taylor first dripping a long line of saliva into Raylene’s asshole then smearing it all around with her tongue. The fun ends when Kobe and Janine capture Jenteal attempting to escape and round up everyone in the pool room. Janine’s answer to the insubordination is to “fuck them all” as she pumps her enormous pink strap on with her hand. The resulting eight-some – yeah, that’s correct “eight-some” – is beyond belief. They pig-pile (emphasis on the word “pig”) on the pool table and assault each other with strap ons, fingers and, of course, tongues.

Janine works the strap on like she was born with it as she fucks Raylene then pulls out and makes her clean it in her mouth. Devon and Raylene cunt wrestling over a double dildo, and Jenteal being doubly impaled up the pussy and ass with pointy vibrators are only some of the highlights of this long scene as the screen soon fades to black.

To wrap up, this reviewer is not normally a huge fan of lesbian themed videos. However, “Where The Boys Aren’t 12” is no normal lesbian tape. It is a must for the girl-on-girl collector and a fine addition to any video library as all nine stars are hot, hot, hot!

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Where The Boys Aren't 12

Now available on DVD or as a Digital Download

  • Scene 1. Devon and Sky Lopez
  • Scene 2. Devon, Jenteal and Raylene
  • Scene 3. Alex Taylor, Janine and Kobe Tai
  • Scene 4. Alex Taylor and Raylene
  • Scene 5. Alex Taylor, Julia Ann, Raylene and Taylor Hayes
  • Scene 6. Alex Taylor, Devon, Janine, Jenteal, Julia Ann, Kobe Tai, Raylene and Taylor Hayes


Country Comfort

Country Comfort is the story of a country boy and his many beautiful and very playful wives. The move begins with Devon playing with herself in a picturesque country setting. Soon her sexy friend joins in (played by Mr. Fine himself – Bobby Vitale) while from afar another man watches on (he’s behind some trees so she can’t see that he’s watching).

Country Comfort gives “Sister Wives” a whole new kinky meaning!

DevonHalli AstonGwen SummersRaquel Devine

There is a lot of kissing, touching, caressing and pussy eating going on at first. Bobby Vitale and Devon go well together. There is just something about them … a sort of spark that you don’t often see with two performers who have never really met before now. She’s a little blonde with a cute smile and he’s strong and super sexy. Vivid has a hot paid on their hands, let’s hope they put them together in the future. She seems to truly adore him and can’t wait for him to cum on her tits.

Bobby Vitale’s clothes come off and Devon blows him – while still wearing her white, flowing dress. She seems quite gentle with her blow jobs. Next, Bobby removes her dress then she gets a little more rough and into it!

Devon now gets down on her knees and Bobby takes her from behind. (Devon’s favorite position) He really overpowers her and she seems to like it. I’d love to be Devon right about now – girls, Bobby Vitale is so hot and he really seems to know how to make a women happy. 😉 While having sex, Devon looks up and sees her little voyeur friend through the trees watching. I think she likes it and fucks Bobby even harder.

After Devon’s little romp in the woods, she goes home to her husband and co-wives/girlfriends. There she meets the peeping tom (from the woods) and finds her husband has invited him to stay for awhile to help around the house. Devon shows him upstairs while her husband 2 of her girlfriends play downstairs in the living room – man does this guy have the life!

Anyway, while Devon is helping her new house guest get settled, he pulls her on his lap and she rubs her pussy on his cock getting it nice and hard. Just then, her husband calls for her so she has to run (poor guy).

The next day the new house guest, now hired as the caretaker of the house – finds himself taking care of one of Mr. Polygamy’s wives on the back porch, while Mr. Polygamy is doing one himself only a few hundred yards away. I really wonder how this man finds the strength to get any actual farming done.

Anyway, next you see Mr. Polygamy leading one of his wives the the living room for a fuck. The girl must have been a rancher’s daughter because boy does she know how to “ride”. The next scene is a 3some lesbo scene set outside with Devon in the middle of this lesbian sandwich. The caretaker catches a view and can’t help but stand back and watch. Soon the girls catch him watching and make him join in.

While having their way with the caretaker the husband walks up and catches them … what will he do? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out. 🙂 I promise it won’t be what you expect!

Country Comfort

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  • Scene 1. Devon and Bobby Vitale
  • Scene 2. Devon
  • Scene 3. Gwen Summers, Halli Aston and Hershel Savage
  • Scene 4. Phyllisha Anne with Julian
  • Scene 5. Raquel Devine with Hershel Savage
  • Scene 6. Devon, Gwen Summers, Halli Aston and Julian



Devil’s Blackjack

Devil’s BlackJack is the game show that gives you one hell of a chance to win and eternal damnation if you lose! Are you UP for it?

Sady is your dealer (played by Devon) with Alex Black as your host (played by Bobby Vitale). The players are uncommitted souls and their fate is determined not by anything they have done, buy by their luck and skill.

raylene devon melody love chandler

Devon comes out in a short black leather mini skirt with a white shirt open in front, exposing her stomach and parts of her breasts. You can’t help but be set back by her absolute beauty. Her first game is with a computer programmer and some motorcycle guy. The computer programmer wins and his prize is Devon in any fantasy he can think of. He decides to do her in an elevator and boy does he do her!!

Devon in a purple leather bikini is first shown with her legs wrapped around his waist, while they are kissing. He then picks her up over his head and briefly eats her pussy. She thens drops to her knees and sucks his cock. She really seems to get into it and him. I like that about this scene. She doesn’t seem to be acting. It’s like she really likes this guy and really wants to fuck him!

She stands back up, leans against the wall and he eats her pussy and finger fucks her ass at the same time. She then turns to face the wall, for him to stick his cock in her pussy. He tries but it seems she is to take to take all of it right away so he gets her a little looser with his tongue. He must eat great pussy because she really seemed to like it. I think she forgot she was on camera there for a moment. I guess I would to if my lover picked me up and did a STANDING 69. 🙂

She then lies on the floor and lets him put it in. He’s so sweet about it and really goes in gentle at first. Once fully inside of her, it seems to have been worth the wait since she is moaning and screaming with excitement. Devon also doesn’t seem to be afraid tot ell you what she wants and what I like about him is that he slows down for a minute after he makes her come to let her pull herself together.

She then stands up and he takes her from behind. Then they rotate positions to a sort of a side by side, standing fuck position. Nice camera shots in this one. Great angles. 😉 When it’s all said and done, he comes on her face then she licks him clean!

This was without a doubt a great scene and my personal favorite for the year. I love to watch a movie where a girl REALLY gets into it as much as the guy does. You go Devon!

Anyway, the next winner wants to do this new secretary @ his office. So the hosts snaps his fingers and makes it a reality. This secretary was a light skinned black chick with big tits. He starts out by eating her pussy, then he finger fucks her, then she blows him. He fucks her on the desk as she screams with pleasure. She then sits on his lap (facing out), then he does her doggie style. He pulls out and cums on her ass. This scene wasn’t bad and the girl was okay I guess — but she’s surely no Devon.

The next hand of Devil’s BlackJack brings in our first female player. With a stroke of luck, both her and the male wins so what to do? How about each other?? Only this time the host of your show (Alex Black) joins in on the fun. 🙂

The housewife blows Alex, while Hector eats her pussy. Side note for the girls: Alex is one fine man. perfect body, nice sized cock, sexy eyes, cute butt, OH BABY!!

Now back to the threesome … Alex fucks her doggy style while she blows hector. She goes on her back, Alex fucks her while she gives Hector a hand job, then Hector stands up and shoves it in her mouth. Alex sticks it in her ass, then pulls it out and comes on her face, then Hector follows.

The next hand is with two girls. So Devon joins in for a hot threesome lesbo love fest with a few rubber cocks on the side. Another side note girls: If you buy a strap on, get the smaller, beige one. It feels way better. 🙂 Anyway, the three girls spend some time touching, kissing and licking their bodies. This is actually a pretty good lesbian scene.

In this last scene Devon does her boyfriend, who offed himself to be with her. He first eats her pussy on the blackjack table, a sexual act she really seems to enjoy. Then she blows him. Then he fucks her hard and fast. Side note for you boys: If your cock is more than 5″ and the girl you are with has a tight pussy (like Devon does), don’t fuck her to hard and fast, at least not until you are sure she is major wet and ready for it.

Next he fucks her doggie style, over a chair and she really seems to like it now. Then the leg up missionary position, while on the floor. (one of my personal favorite positions), then he comes on her tits for the ending.


Devil's Blackjack
Now available on DVD (stream it or download to own)
or as a Digital Download


  • Scene 1. Devon and Eric Price
  • Scene 2. Cricket and Ian Daniels
  • Scene 3. Bobby Vitale, Ian Daniels and Melody Love
  • Scene 4. Chandler, Devon and Raylene
  • Scene 5. Devon and Tony Tedeschi